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Emotional Healer Toronto
Anger Management

Emotional Healer Toronto: Anger Management

 Take Charge of Your Anger/Rage
Heal The Real Reasons For Your Anger 
& Move Forward In Your Life!

Anger results when you feel unhappy with something that has happened to you. Your anger can be recent or decades ago: 
Your romantic relationship / marriage was abruptly ended against what you wanted. You felt betrayed.

Your partner does not respect you, and treats you badly.

You got let go of a job you enjoyed. You feel betrayed.

You were passed over for a promotion. You feel betrayed. 


You have were treated abusively by your mom, dad, and/or siblings. You hate the injustice. 

You were rejected, abandoned, neglected, negated, and/or degraded. You resent the way you were treated.  Anger is an automatic response which enables you to feel powerful. The problem with anger is that it can spin out of control, causing you to spend your time reviewing the wrongdoings, getting worked up, over and over again, and fantasizing about ways to retaliate.

This will drain your energy, and cause you to feel unhappy even when the events happened years or decades ago
 While anger will make you feel powerful in the short term, in the long term, it will keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from moving on to greater abundance.  

Emotional Healer, Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W. has created a number of powerful processes which will enable you to identify your source issues and heal them.

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 The Forgiveness Dialogue is a powerful process which focuses on a specific person in your life who has hurt you. It will enable you to identify what is going on in your subconscious mind so that you can understand what really happened and moving on.

 There is no obligation to forgive the wrongdoer when working through The Forgiveness Dialogue. The goal is to forgive yourself and re-view the situation without being controlled by your unhappy emotions. The results are amazing, with people finding a freedom to let go of intense rage which was literally choking them. Have a look at the testimonials of some of the people who worked through The Forgiveness Dialogue. 

Toronto-based Emotional Healer Andrea invites you to call for a free consultation to discuss your situation, and how The Forgivenes Dialogue will create profound changes.   

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